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Everything Is Open with Pivot™

Match your wine to your mood, dinner courses or the weather. With the Pivot™ Wine Preservation System, the choice is yours. Even weeks later, the last glass tastes just as amazing as the first.

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Every Pour Tastes Just Like the First

Whether you want to enjoy a glass of Cabernet at the end of a long day, or pair your favorite Riesling with Tuesday night take-out, the ingenious combination of the Pivot Stopper and Device preserves the remaining wine for up to 4 weeks.

Just Tip, Press, and Pour

Couldn't be easier to use. Simply replace the cork or screwcap with a Pivot™ Stopper. When you are ready to pour, insert the Pivot™ Device through the Stopper, tip the bottle and press the button. When finished, remove the Device and close the Stopper cap.

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Pour Yours with Coravin Pivot™

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Aerate in Seconds, Not Hours

No more waiting around. The Pivot Aerator attachment delivers a more aromatic and smoother glass of wine as you pour, as if you had decanted the same wine for 60-90 minutes. Included with Pivot+.

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Brett Zimmerman, MS

Owner, Boulder Wine Merchant

The Coravin® Pivot™ Wine Preservation System is essential for any serious wine drinker. This simple, yet innovative creation provides a reasonably priced option for ensuring fresh, uncompromised wine for up to a month after opening the bottle. Pivot™ will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your wine enjoyment experience. After all, life is too short to drink oxidized wines.


Raquel Royers

Napa Valley based wine blogger at Watch Me Sip

Coravin has completely transformed the way I am able to enjoy my wines. I am constantly tasting wines to review them for my blog – before I had a Coravin, so many of those open bottles would go to waste, but now I am able to tap into them without popping the cork, which has been an absolute game changer. My favorite wine accessory, hands down!